Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cross Country Thursday 3rd May

On Thursday 3rd May we will be holding the St Francis of Assisi School Cross Country, at 9.35 am. The whole school will participate in this event, and it will be held at Walter Park - Mairehau.

The students will be walking to and from the event. We will be departing school at 9.00 am and returning at 12.30 pm, for lunch. Students will take with them a drink bottle and some snacks. Other optional items to include for the day are a sunhat and extra layers of clothing. Students are expected to come to school in their PE uniform on the day of the event.
Students will race in their year groups and will run the distances shared below. From this event we will select a Year 5- 8 St Francis of Assisi Cross Country Team, to compete at the North Zone Cross Country on Wednesday May 16.

The following is an approximate timetable, however please be aware this can run ahead or behind schedule on the day:
9.00am: Walk to Walter Park
9.30am: Race briefing

9.35am: Year 8 Boys   3km
9.45am: Year 8 Girls   3km
9.55am: Year 7 Boys    3km
10.05am: Year 7 Girls  3km
10.15am: NE - Year 1 Boys 500m
10.25am: NE - Year 1 Girls 500m
10.35am: Year 2 Boys  500m
10.45am: Year 2 Girls  500m
10.55am: Year 4 Boys  1.5km
11.05am: Year 4 Girls  1.5km
11.15am: Year 4 Boys  1.5km
11.25am: Year 3 Boys  1.5km
11.35am: Year 3 Girls  1.5km
11.45am: Year 5 Boys  2km
11.55am: Year 5 Girls  2km
12.00pm:  Year 6 Boys  2km
12.05pm:  Year 6 Girls  2km
12.15pm: Walk back to school

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to email 
Feel free to join us to help support and encourage the children at this event!

Saturday, 14 April 2018

We want to wish everyone a safe and warm holiday break!
We have had an awesome first term and am looking forward to working with you all next term.
Thanks for all your support.  Kind regards
Helen, Tracey, Nicola and Anna

This weeks assembly certificates went to 

                     Benjamin, Sydney, Zac K. Archie, Willow,                                     Blake, Romeo and Alex!

Congratulations to all of you!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

On Thursday, the Paiaka Hub were lucky to have House of Bricks come along. House of Bricks promotes collaboration, creativity and team building skills through the joy of Lego. All term, the children in Paiaka Hub have been learning how to work together as a team, think creatively and use their problem-solving skills in their Project Based Learning. So this was a perfect opportunity to put their learning into action...and what fun it was! They had two different set tasks that saw them creating things from towers, to dancing dabbing robots, gardens and spaceships.

Saturday, 7 April 2018


Hui Fun

This week the awards went to

Sid, Nessa, Molly, Zoe N., Lewys, Karter, Lois and Maks

Daniel gave us a demonstration on how his robot works.

We had a performance by Saffron, Mila and Lily K.

Another fun Friday

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Tomorrow all students will be participating in activities based on the Easter story. 

We will be working in our House groups for the majority of the day, however students are to wear their school uniform.                      
We will finish the day with a liturgy which will take place in the Tumu hub at 2.15pm. 

You are most welcome to join us.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Assembly certificates Week 8

Congratulations to Chiara, Liam P, Santara, 
Daniel, Ruby, Eilish and Leo

Some highlights of term one!